LifeStream’s residential options include the following:

Residencias de la Comunidad

We operate 30 group residences throughout southeastern Massachusetts for individuals with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury and traumatic brain injury. People receive the support and attention required to lead an independent, well adjusted, and full life, and they actively participate in all areas of their daily lives.

Homes for those with greater needs are also staffed by a team of Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Certified Nursing Aides (CNAs). Additional medical, psicológico, and therapeutic resources are available through our Clinical Services Department.

Cada casa ofrece 24 horas de apoyo y supervisión, junto con los siguientes servicios:

  • Individualizado, las necesidades de los programas basados ​​en
  • Integrados los servicios clínicos en actividades de la vida cotidiana
  • Cuidados de enfermería y personal certificado que proporciona la administración de medicamentos y la gestión
  • Médico, physical and cognitive assistance
  • Appointment scheduling, oversight and transportation
  • Community integration and social activities
  • Ongoing needs analysis

Living compartido

This is a residential option for individuals who cannot safely live alone and want the comfort of a home environment with dedicated caregivers. Through a highly personalized matching process, LifeStream ensures that caregivers have the skills needed to support the person’s needs. For many, this is the beginning of a long, and mutually rewarding relationship. In some instances, individuals may be able to remain at home with their family members who become the designated caregivers.

Vida Independiente

This program provides customized services to those living on their own or with family members, but who need additional assistance with everyday tasks. The individuals and families serviced through this program direct the supports they need. Los servicios incluyen:

  • Las capacidades necesarias para aumentar la independencia
  • Capacitación sobre la promoción personal
  • La gestión del dinero
  • El llamamiento de apoyo
  • Transporte
  • Apoyo en eventos comunitarios y sociales
  • ADL asistencia
  • Asistencia de realizar las tareas del hogar
  • Apoyo a la aplicación y mantenimiento de los derechos y prestaciones públicas
  • Habilidades de crianza de los hijos
  • Seguridad ambiental
  • Coordinación de la atención médica y el apoyo
  • Asistencia a los padres y miembros de la familia y asegurar el mantenimiento de los recursos disponibles en la comunidad
  • Análisis de las necesidades en curso de adaptación a los cambios físicos, cognitivo, necesidades residenciales y médicos

For additional information on our residential programs and services, please email Doug Hughes, Clinical Director.

Para obtener más información acerca de nuestra Vida Compartida y programas de vida independiente, please email Lori Kydd, Director Senior, Servicios de Discapacidades.