LifeStream’s Enabling/Assistive Technology (E/AT) Program was created to provide greater access and knowledge of technology for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or autism. Primary goals of the program are to increase self-sufficiency, technological equity and enhance abilities for people with disabilities in all aspects of life. Since the program’s launch several years ago, E/AT has grown to become a vital service to the individuals we support.

To further our employees’ and guardians’ knowledge and understanding of what E/AT has to offer, LifeStream will be holding a Tech Night on Thursday, December 14th from 5 to 7 p.m. at our Mill Road location. This event includes a hands-on demonstration of the various devices and services that are available through the program. 

We greatly encourage those that work closely with the individuals they support to participate in this informative session. To sign up and to learn more, please contact Melissa Pepin at

We look forward to seeing you!