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LifeStream offers a continuum of care for individuals with disabilities, including community residences, services for those living on their own or with their families, day support, and supported employment. Our primary goal throughout the organization is to provide those we serve with the opportunity to develop their potential, establish independence, and achieve their dreams.

To learn more about our mission and our programs, please take a moment to view the videos below.


Servicios para discapacitados

Servicios Residenciales

Servicios Residenciales

Residencias de la Comunidad, Living compartido, Vida Independiente

Soporte Día

Soporte Día

Día de Habilitación, Empleo con Apoyo, Servicios Clínicos

Living compartido & Cuidado Familiar para Adultos

Shared Living & Adult Family Care

Beneficios, Cuidador Elegibilidad, Preguntas frecuentes

Individual & Soporta Familia

Individual & Family Supports

Personalized, Comprehensive Care